STRONG Challenge Week 1

Week 1: Goals

STRONG Challenge Week 1: GOALS

Welcome to Week 1! Congratulations for taking this step and accepting the Strong Challenge. You are not alone - your Y friends and teammates are on this journey with you. 

Our STRONG Challenge begins with setting fitness goals. Although we’ll be encouraging you in other areas of your life, we want to start by focusing on physical health and wellness. Start by setting goals to achieve during the next six weeks (watch the video for guidance). Whether you are at the “walk around the block” level or at the “run the next marathon” level, start where you are, and we’ll grow from there. Achieving goals will set the foundation for healthier habits for life. You were made for more!



Having a prominent place in the home to post your goals to see every day and track your progress will be key in these first days.  Having an accountability buddy (an AccountabiliBuddy) or partner in the challenge will provide the motivation you need within your existing network.  Join our Strong Community on Facebook and download the Strong Tracking Sheet today!