My Y Story - Mia

How has the Y impacted your life?


Mia called in for this interview from Missouri University of Science & Technology, right after she got out of pole-vaulting practice. She is studying Engineering Management and is now in her third year. Last summer, as a part of a Missouri S&T program, she was an intern at Emerson and gained a great amount of valuable work experience in the field she want to work in. During that summer, she was recovering from knee surgery and a Y lifeguard recommended that she try out AquaBody Strong, a class that incorporates Yoga and strength training to help people develop muscle, flexibility, balance and focus. Mia excitedly reported that he class uses inflatable mats on the water, making you have to activate all kinds of muscles to stay afloat.  

More importantly than her experience with the classes at the Y, Mia stressed that it was the people she met who made her experience. Even though she is busy with school and Division II Pole Vaulting, she still stays in touch with the people she met in Marshalltown. She developed an especially strong connection with the AquaBody Strong instructor, Cat, who she said was a “huge part of her story.” Before hanging up, Mia emphasized that her experience at the Y made her feel deeply connected with the community of Marshalltown, so much so that she could picture herself moving to Marshalltown after graduation.