MY Y STORY - Kayla Montgomery


Three years ago, Kayla moved from Reno, Nevada to Marshalltown with her husband and her son, Dante. She has been taking her son to the YMCA for around a year and a half now and is very content with the care her son is receiving. Like many, Kayla finds the staff at the Y to be incredibly warm and welcoming. Dante has been a part of the Y’s summer camp and recently started going to the after-school program. Kayla finds it very helpful that he is bused from his school to the YMCA program, because it means she doesn’t have to rush out of work to go pick him up and it gives her time to finish things up at the end of the day. 

 Kayla highlighted that the Y has been a place for Dante to build new friendships and deepen friendships with kids from school. Like many 11-year-old boys, Dante has a lot of energy and Kayla is happy that he is kept active and engaged at the Y. Kayla says that Dante is always excited when he comes home from the Y and she says that, especially in time of COVID, the social interaction he gets with other kids at the Y has been great for him and she sees a noticeable difference in his behavior. The Y has helped her son adjust to life in Marshalltown, stay active and build friendships.