MY Y STORY - Jen Arneson


Jen Arneson is the Director of Nursing at UnityPoint Health – Marshalltown. She has four children, including 8-year-old Lucien. When COVID hit, it wasn’t an option for her or her husband to stay home from work so initially her 17-year-old was watching Lucien at home. Jen and her husband decided this was not a good long-term solution but were having a hard time finding childcare in Marshalltown. She reached out to the Y for childcare and found there were openings. Jen felt very safe sending Lucien to the Y; She appreciated that the Y kept the kids in small groups to minimize contact and consistently took their temperatures. Jen highlighted that the Y met a highly important need for her family at a crucial time. Her son’s original summer plans were cancelled so he continued going to the Y throughout the summer. Lucien enjoyed the counselors and going swimming in the Y pool, even though he wished he could have been with more kids. The Y is honored to be serving essential workers in these difficult times.