My Y Story - Gabi Zavala

How has the Y impacted your life?

Gabi Zavala 

Gabi joined the Y when she was looking for a Daycare for her third daughter and had heard the Y does a good job getting kids ready for preschool.  Since joining, the Y has touched the lives of the members of her family in different and meaningful ways. Her, third daughter, Merrily, attended the Fitkids program and her oldest daughter, Shelly, began by volunteering at the Y and eventually got hired through the Y to help facilitate the Fitkids program at Woodberry Elementary School. Her kids have done indoor soccer, softball, swimming and other sports at the Y. She explained the Y is a safe and friendly place for her children to come play with her friends. 

Gabi and her husband started going to the Y after her husband got diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. That propelled them to go to the gym 4 or 5 days out of the week. Gabi explained that without the help of the Y daycare, they would have no one to look after their 4-year-old son while they exercised. Gabi praised the support and kindness of the Y as she and her husband work to improve their personal health and that of their family.