My Y Story - Amy Pigors

How has the Y impacted your life?

​Amy Pigors 

Amy joined the Y four years ago in order to release energy and stay healthy. She explained she comes from a family with a history of a multitude of different health problems and she is committed to living a long, healthy life despite this. She expressed her love for gardening and said her health was getting in the way of her ability to keep up her garden so she started going to classes at the Y and recently celebrated two years as a fitness instructor at the Y.  

Before joining the Y, Amy did not feel a real sense of community in Marshalltown. Now she heartfully said she “really feels like a part of the town.” She excitedly added she is always “running into her girls” around town, crafting with friends from the gym, singing in the church choir with them and is now in a band with people from the gym. The Y helped Amy focus on her own health and the health of her family, as well as develop a strong sense of community in Marshalltown.