2020 Swimming All-Stars

Samantha Propp & Cohen Thatcher

Marshalltown YMCA-YWCA Blue Wave Swim Team members Samantha Propp and Cohen Thatcher​ were chosen to the 2020 All-Star Team.

All-Star Team members are committed to YOUTH DEVELOPMENT – positive role model, HEALTHY LIVING – taking an active role in a lifelong sport and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – giving back and supporting others in their community.  They have shown dedication to YMCA Swimming and great sportsmanship to all those around them. 


About Samantha: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, oh wait it’s Samantha in her Wonder Woman onesie!  You can’t miss her beautiful smile and contagious positive attitude on deck! She has never met a stranger and has made many friends on her own team and many other teams as well.  A member of the Bluewave swim team for 8 years, she enjoys mentoring younger swimmers and swimming the backstroke. Her bubbly personality and outgoing spirit are a true inspiration to us all.

About Cohen: Don’t let Cohen’s laid-back fun-loving personality fool you, he is one determined focused young man!  Goals set and mission accomplished as Cohen is a 1st year individual qualifier for the State and Regional meets! His dedication to his teammates makes him a leader and friend to all.