STRONG Challenge Week 4



A quick cat nap. A midday stretch. Five minutes of mediation. Rest comes in so many forms but is so important to us, both when we're engaged in a workout routine and in day - to day situations. But most of us don't get enough high quality rest to take advantage of the benefits. This week, we're challenging you to add defined REST periods to your week, and reap all the great benefits that come along with it!

Click the image below to watch Coach Alex's video tips for getting REST this week!


Mr. Abel shares his thoughts on meditation:

"Meditation helps me stay focused and engaged in my activities throughout the day.  It's about finding a time for me and being able to let go of all that's happening around me.  And all the peace and tranquility translates into a better me throughout the day."


This week, focus on you. Slow down, take a deep breath and proudly claim your rest time.


Having a prominent place in the home to post your goals to see every day and track your progress will be a key in getting started on the right foot. Having some accountability or someone to encourage and motivate you will be a critical part of your success. Join our Strong Community on Facebook and download the Strong Tracking Sheet today!