STRONG Challenge Week 3


STRONG Challenge Week 3 - Connect

Your STRONG Challenge continues with CONNECT! Did you know that on average we receive over 6,000 messages a day? Let that sink in for a moment. These constant beeps, dings, ads, and tweets are demanding our attention and effecting our health. And worse, they may be pulling us away from the things that truly matter the most in our lives. This week, you will be challenged to turn off the noise and go to deeper mentally and spiritually in the challenge by doing things that connect you with others and yourself.

Let’s find ways to CONNECT!

We challenge you to spend time unplugging and deepening your connections for two days this week. Here are some ideas for us to be connected in the middle of these crazy times, and deepen our connection in our spirit, mind, and body:

  • Connect with the Y by getting involved and building your community.
  • Connect deeper with the relationships in your life that are most meaningful to you.
  • Connect spiritually with the faith community or spending time in nature.

Watch these videos to see how people CONNECT at the Y!  Click each photo to see the video.     

Andy Burt: "It’s a great place to go to meet people you haven’t met, and to re-meet people you’ve known for a long time."

Andy Cole: “It’s a good time to just come down and be active with people."