Togetherhood® is YMCA's Signature Program for Social Responsibility. This program invites Y members to lead and participate in volunteer service projects that benefit the communities where they live. 


Volunteer Opportunity:  September 23-29, join the Y's Togetherhood Group and water plants in downtown Marshalltown.  Free t-shirt for participants!  Click this link to sign up:

At the Y, we’re dedicated to strengthening community by giving back and supporting our neighbors. And we know that you have lots of ideas and the desire to reach out to make positive changes in our community. That’s why we invite you to participate in Togetherhood, our program that gives you the opportunity to be part of meaningful community service projects that benefit people and organizations in your neighborhood.

Togetherhood is a way for you to actively participate in the Y’s cause to strengthen community. Collecting school supplies, donating blood, or running a park cleanup are just some of the countless ways you and your friends and family can come together in service to your community.

  • Meet people who are excited to better understand our community’s challenges and develop creative ways to meet them.
  • Discover how personally rewarding it is to engage with others in improving community life.
  • Experience a deeper sense of belonging to and responsibility for the place where you live.


Join the Togetherhood Service Committee  

As a member of the Service Committee, you’ll serve for a term of one year to plan and run projects that help strengthen our community. 

Become a Service Project Volunteer

Service projects are designed to make meaningful impact while being rewarding, convenient and fun!

Interested in making a difference?  Contact Kim Jass-Ramirez at or 641-752-8658, x206



Free to community.  Y membership not required.